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Writing these always leaves me in this constantly anxious state only because I'm never satisfied with what I write. My inability to articulate myself properly sort of eats away at my brain sometimes. Really, it's unnerving. I wish I had the ability to use the intricacies of language to my advantage (to be able to perfectly connect my thoughts into physical forms) but it's near impossible.
Anyway, I play the piano and love the smell of old books. I'm quite fond of the ocean--its vastness and mystery captivate me--but I'm not a fan of the sun because I tend to burn within minutes. I'm a caffeine addict whose need can fully be satisfied by any of the following: black coffee, diet coke, or green tea. I'm a people watcher but not a people person, and I really enjoy looking for the quirks in others. I don’t know what it is, but I feel drawn to people who display even the slightest bit of eccentricities; uniqueness, I guess. It’s not very common nowadays.
And after sitting here for a good amount of time contemplating what else to write, I think I'll conclude with there being nothing else of vital importance to be said here. I'm going to stop this mindless rambling for the sake of your sanity, that is if you've actually sat there and read through this, which I honestly cannot help but to apologize for. I'm sorry.
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